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Various - Deviation Street: High Times In Ladbroke Grove 1967-1975 (CD)

Various - Deviation Street: High Times In Ladbroke Grove 1967-1975 (CD)

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Sealed. Three CD set.

Most comprehensive overview yet of the Ladbroke Grove-based late 60s/early 70s freak scene. Four-hour anthology of locally based acts featuring much previously unreleased or rare material. Now widely acknowledged as Albion's equivalent of the Haight-Ashbury underground scene in San Francisco, Ladbroke Grove in West London developed into the epicenter of the late '60s British counterculture movement. Cheap rents had already attracted beatniks, bohemians and the Windrush generation of West Indian immigrants, and they were joined as the decade wore on by a motley crew of musicians, freaks and anarchists as the home-grown hippie sub-culture found a spiritual and physical base. Also housing the burgeoning underground press and various rock band management agencies, the area around Ladbroke Grove, Holland Park and Notting Hill Gate spawned it's own music scene that included Hawkwind, Quintessence, Edgar Broughton Band, Skin Alley, Third Ear Band and High Tide. Featuring all of the above acts, 'Deviation Street: High Times in Ladbroke Grove 1967-1975' is the most comprehensive overview yet of the West London freak scene, incorporating such integral local movers 'n' shakers as Mick Farren and The Deviants, Twink, Steve Peregrin Took, Lemmy, Sam Hutt, Hapshash, Davey Graham, Graham Bond and Carol Grimes. Alongside Pink Fairies, Trees, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quiver, Uncle Dog, Steamhammer, Mighty Baby, Family, Pretty Things, Junior's Eyes and Cochise, the collection incorporates key cuts from the local immigrant community (Mataya, Noir, Ram John Holder).

Disc 1
1 Notting Hill Gate (Single Version) - Quintessence
2 Hurry on Sundown -Hawkwind Zoo
3 Blind to Your Light -Carol Grimes & Delivery
4 Hallucinations -Tomorrow
5 Black Leather Gloves -Bodast
6 Subway (Smokey Pokey World) - the Tickle
7 Long Time Coming -Village
8 Painted Lady - Cochise
9 Cold Embrace - Sam Gopal
10 I'm a Stranger - the Action
11 Living in Sin - Skin Alley
12 Changes* - Mataya
13 Sickle Clowns - Thepretty Things
14 Song for Lots - Family
15 Galactic Zoo - Kingdom Come
16 Powis Square Child -Roger Bunn
17 The Answer - Peter Bardens
18 Looking for Time - Bond and Brown
19 Which Dreamed It -Boeing Duveen & the Beautiful Soup
20 Out Demons Out - Edgar Broughton Band

Disc 2
1 All in Your Mind (Single Version) - Stray
2 Blankman Cries Again -High Tide
3 Turn Around -Steamhammer
4 Afta - Davey Graham & Holly
5 Slipstreams - Mighty Baby
6 Sun Music - Skin Alley
7 Glad I Came Around -Quiver
8 A Mind Blown Is a Mind
9 Shown - Hapshash and the Coloured Coat
10 We Took the Wrong Step
11 Years Ago - Hawkwind
12 Slum Lord - the Deviants
13 Notting Hill Eviction
14 Blues - Ram John Holder
15 Concrete Line Up - Ron Geesin
16 Sad Song for Winter -Chimera
17 Velvet to Atone - Trader Horne
18 April Affair - G. F. Fitzgerald
19 Rings of Fortune -Tyrannosaurus Rex
20 My Mind - Themisunderstood
21 If* - Rosemary
22 Uncle Harry's Last

Disc 3
1 Circus Days (Single Version)
2 Junior's Eyes
3 Nothing Special - Trees
4 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box - the Aquarian Age
5 Cosmic Surfer -Quintessence
6 The System - Noir
7 Very Fine... Far Away - Third Ear Band
8 Still Yawning, Still-Born -Shagrat
9 2HB (Demo Version) - Roxy Music
10 One Hand Clapping* -Rosemary
11 Old Hat - Uncle Dog
12 Summertime Blues - Mickfarren
13 The Right Stuff - Robert Calvert
14 Kings of Speed - Michael
15 Moorcock & Deep Fix
16 Lost Johnny - Motörhead
17 Silent Telephone - the 101'Ers
18 I'm a Free Man - Mataya
19 Ladbroke Grove Blues -Ram John Holder
20 Witchdoctor - Ginger
21 Johnson & His African Messengers
22 Deviation Street - the Deviants

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