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Various - Deep In The Woods: Pastoral Psychedelia & Funky Folk 1968-1975 (CD)

Various - Deep In The Woods: Pastoral Psychedelia & Funky Folk 1968-1975 (CD)

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Triple CD set collecting rare cuts and cult favourites from the worlds of psychedelic, pastoral and funky folk, 1968-1975. Focusing on the outpouring of psychedelic folk flavours that emerged swiftly after the first psychedelic era. Featuring some wonderful selections from long collectable acts such as Sunforest, Mellow Candle, Trees, Heron, Trader Horne, Christine Harwood and many more. Compiled by Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve/The Grid), the compilation is themed around UK and Irish music from that hallowed period, and comes with a 7000 word essay and sleeve notes from the musician/producer. Celebrating the collision of traditional folk with new psychedelic studio techniques, new and exotic textures, and a developing groove. It's a wide and broad range of styles, drawing from folk, it's oral storytelling tradition, and also from jazz, beat, rhythm and blues, and the more mind opening sounds of psychedelia. Housed in a 3 CD digipack, designed in a striking wraparound collage by Lyndon Pike.

Disc 1
1 Fat Mattress Leafy Lane
2 Knocker Jungle Not Even a Letter
3 Duffy Power I Need You
4 Mike Hurst Face from the Past
5 Ray Fenwick I Wanna Stay Here
6 Hardin and York Natural Gas
7 Open Road Mother Earth
8 Paul Brett Motherless Child on a Merry-Go-Round
9 The Woods Band Noisey Johnny
10 Meic Stevens Yorric
11 Marc Ellington You Just Can't Believe What You See
12 Alan James Eastwood Crystal Blue
13 Arrival la Virra
14 Dando Shaft Cold Wind
15 Linda Hoyle Hymn to Valerie Solanas
16 Nirvana Nova Sketch
17 Brian Davison's Every Which Way Castle Sand
18 Jade Warrior Yellow Eyes
19 Writing on the Wall Buffalo

Disc 2
1 Chris Harwood Wooden Ships
2 Bridget St. John Fly High
3 Dando Shaft Rain
4 Heron Lord and Master
5 Mellow Candle Silversong
6 Trees Murdoch
7 Keith Christmas Foothills
8 Trader Horne Morning Way
9 Miller Anderson Shadows 'Cross My Wall
10 The Ghost Time Is My Enemy
11 Kevin Coyne Flowering Cherry
12 Second Hand Hangin' on An Eyelid
13 Fuchsia Shoes and Ships
14 Mike Hurst Place in the Country
15 Amber Swan in the Evening
16 Global Village Trucking Company the Inevitable Fate of Ms Danya Sox
17 Mighty Baby Jug of Love

Disc 3
1 Sunforest -Magician in the Mountain
2 Chris Harwood Crying to Be Heard
3 Wizz Jones City of the Angels
4 Jade Warrior Lady of the Lake
5 Knocker Jungle Oh to Be Free
6 Bridget St. John Silver Coin
7 Friends in the Morning
8 Alan James Eastwood Lotus Child
9 The Deviants Bun
10 Jade Amongst Anemones
11 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre the Death of Don Quixote
12 Yvonne Elliman Hawaii
13 The Occasional Word the Evil Venus Tree
14 Ian a. Anderson Goblets and Elms
15 Bill Nelson Rejoice
16 Zior Time Is the Reason
17 Curtis Knight with Zeus New Horizon
18 Linda Lewis Reach for the Truth

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