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Various - Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973

Various - Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! The British Pop Explosion 1970-1973

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UK three CD collection. At the dawn of the '70s, British rock bands were either on the road, playing to the adoring masses or fooling around in hotel rooms with groupies and mud-sharks, or holed up for months on end recording their latest triple-album sets for stoned student hairies. But while their older brothers were getting it off on that revolution stuff, young teens in the UK were glued to pop radio (which, prior to commercial stations opening in 1973, effectively meant Radio One and Luxembourg) as the backroom boys of the traditional pop industry assumed total control of the airwaves. Shining a searchlight on the lost and often murky world of early '70s British pop, Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! Crams 85 sub-three minute nuggets into four hours of innocent, hook-laden fun as we focus on the faceless studio creations, ubiquitous session musicians and carefully nurtured pop idols as they battled for the hearts, minds and pocket money of the nation's pop kids. Boasting a 40-page booklet featuring track-by-track annotation, quotes, anecdotes and numerous rare illustrations, Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! Celebrates the uncelebrated to provide another essential instalment in Grapefruit's much-acclaimed series of genre boxes.

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