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Various - Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present: Winter of Discontent (CD)

Various - Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present: Winter of Discontent (CD)

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2023 collection. There was plenty of genuine discontent in Britain at the tail end of the 1970s, and it had little to do with bin strikes or dark rumors about overflowing morgues. In the world of popular music, the most liberating after-effect of the Sex Pistols was that anyone with something to say now felt they could make a 7" single. Winter Of Discontent is the sound of truly DIY music, made by people who maybe hadn't written a song until a day or two before they went into the studio. It's spontaneous and genuinely free in a way the British music scene has rarely been before or since. Winter of Discontent has been compiled by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs, the latest in their highly acclaimed series of albums that includes The Daisy Age, Fell From The Sun and English Weather. Includes tracks by Scritti Politti, TV Personalities, the Fall, Exhibit A, Digital Dinosaurs, Frankie's Crew, and many others.

1 Violence Grows - Fatal Microbes
2 The Terraplane Fixation - Animals & Men
3 Work - Blue Orchids
4 Small Hours - Karl's Empty Body
5 Somebody - Frankie's Crew
6 Confidence - Scritti Politti
7 Drink Problem - Thin Yoghurts
8 Low Flying Aircraft - Anne Bean & Paul Burwell
9 Brow Beaten - Performing Ferret Band
10 No Forgetting - the Manchester Mekon
11 Fairytale in the Supermarket - the Raincoats
12 Can't Cheat Karma - Zounds
13 Bored Housewives - Androids of Mu
14 In My Area (Take 2) - the Fall
15 The Sideways Man - the Digital Dinosaurs
16 Attitudes - the Good Missionaries
17 The Window's Broken - Human Cabbages
18 King and Country - Television Personalities
19 In the Night - Exhibit 'A'
20 Nudes - Performing Ferret Band
21 Different Story - Tarzan 5
22 The Red Pullover - the Gynaecologists
23 Production Line - the Door and the Window

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