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Various - All The Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks (CD)

Various - All The Young Droogs: 60 Juvenile Delinquent Wrecks (CD)

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UK three CD set. From the makers of the Junkshop Glam genre defining Velvet Tinmine, Glitterbest and Boobs compilations... comes this bookending box set. 60 tracks of the finest slices of JSG in it's various guises, as established by collectors around the world over the past decade. Including tracks from the USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Australia as well as homegrown UK. Some previously unreleased, many first time on CD. Themed by arch JSG collector and musician Phil King into three groups; Rock Off! For the heads down boogie sounds; Tubthumpers & Hellraisers for the footstomping hand clapping pop pounders; Elegance & Decadence for the mascara masquerading gender bending weird and wonderful. The box set sweeps up a colourful array of musical renegades and nomads as they moved and shook the scene, such as: first Juicy Lucy vocalist Ray Moon, ex-New York Dolls Rick Rivets band The Brats, Baby Grande the forerunners of The Church, TV Smith pre-Adverts in Sleaze, Jimmy Edwards a cohort of Jimmy Pursey in Sham 69 in earlier solo mode and, as in house producer of Steve Elgin at Dawn, ex- Spider From Mars Woody Woodmansey, 60's northern soul chanteuse Glo Macari backed by Slowload who get their own track as produced by Vic Maile, actor Richard Strange as Kid Strange in Doctors of Madness, Angel produced by Mick and Andy from The Sweet. Plus stalwart pop auteurs Jonathan King and Mike Berry. Some further context comes from inclusion of relevant cuts by Mott The Hoople, Hello, Iggy & The Stooges, Be Bop Deluxe, Third World War. Three discs in individual wallets, housed in a clam shell box, which also includes a 36 page booklet. The booklet contains a fascinating and highly-informative 2000 word essay from an authority on the genre - Tony Barber - the bassist with the Buzzcocks.

Disc 1
1 Hey Sweety - Ray Owen's Moon
2 Working Class Man - Third World War
3 I Got a Right -Iggy & the Stooges
4 Wok N' Woll - Milk 'N'cookies
5 Hold on Tight - Method
6 Be a Man - the Brats
7 Lazy London Lady - Change
8 Looking for Love - Glo MacAri
9 Big Boobs Boogie - Slowload
10 Lovely Lady Rock - James Hogg
11 Teenage Love Affair -Iron Virgin
12 I Like It Both Ways - Supernaut
13 Brother John - Fancy
14 Don't Let Go - Rats
15 She's Not My Lover - Cole Younger
16 Roxy Roller - Sweeney Todd Featuring Brian Guy Adams
17 Boys Will Be Boys - Taste
18 Get Outta My House - Hustler
19 Machine - Ning
20 Hard Road - Stevie Wright

Disc 2
1 My Teenage Queen - Harpo
2 By Bye Bad Days - Hector
3 Saturday Night - Bilbo Baggins
4 Game's Up - Hello
5 Poser - Frenzy
6 Sex Appeal - Simon Turner
7 Yeah - the Jets
8 Lucifera - Lemming
9 Whizz Kid - Mott the Hoople
10 Little Boy Blue - Angel
11 Baby Grande - Zephyr
12 I Want You (All Night Long) - Hot Rod
13 Looking for You - Redhead
14 Cut Loose - Stud Leather
15 Gimme Gimme Some Lovin' (Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'/Gimme Some Lovin') - Biggles
16 Dog Eats Dog - Mint
17 Fast Train - Tank
18 Hey Hey Jump Now - the One Hit Wonders
19 Sweetness - Boneshaker
20 Let Me Tell Ya - U.K. Jones

Disc 3
1 Abstracting Billy - Brett Smiley
2 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - John Howard
3 Criminal World - Metro
4 White Stockings - Roy Allison
5 Spaceship Lover - Paul St John
6 Ultrastar - Rococo
7 Star Machine - Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat
8 Night Creatures - Be Bop Deluxe
9 New York City Pretty - Clive Kennedy
10 I Won't Dance - John Henry
11 Don't Leave Your Lover Lying Around (Dear) - Steve Elgin
12 Wonder Ones - Alastair Riddell
13 I Live in Style in Maida Vale (Demo Version) - Helter Skelter
14 Virginia Creeper - Greg Robbins
15 Paper Party - Brian Wells
16 Waiting - the Doctors of Madness
17 Showbiz Kid - Sleaze
18 White Man, Black Man - Spiders from Mars
19 Pastiche Blue - James Arthur Edwards
20 Daybreak - Buster

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