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Uni Boys - Do It All Next Week (LP)

Uni Boys - Do It All Next Week (LP)

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Sealed. Limited edition vinyl pressing (1,000 copies).

With a firmer grasp on the sound they were channeling early on, the band that recorded Do It All Next Week feels baptized in the backroom of Bomp! Records, shaking out their pelvic pulse with bottles of Yellow Pills. The band's Reza Matin recorded the album in his apartment, ditching their old Tascam for GarageBand and then meticulously mixing it until any wafts of modern technology were whittled away. Like a lost teen b-movie soundtrack to Summer, the band boils the preening, soft punk pout of the L.A. power pop underground into a new generation of singles ready to populate the crates for future diggers. Do It All Next Week is a timeless testament to pining and pacing - songs of love that should have been, songs of love that went sour, songs of love waiting on the dance floor moments from now. Over the past few years the band's caught the ear of more than just Curation, heading up opening slots for certified power pop godfathers, Flamin' Groovies, SoCal legends Allah Lahs, and rock n' roll royalty, The Black Crowes. Do It All Next Week captures a band in the raw and pulling no pop punches. This one aches to the marrow and digs it's hooks under the skin, begging to be tossed on the table and locked on repeat.

Bass, Vocals – Michael Chipolletti
Drums – Artie Fitch
Guitar, Vocals – Noah Nash, Reza Matin
Recorded/Mixed by – Reza Matin

Side 1
1 You Worry About Me
2 Downtown
3 On Your Lovin' Mind
4 Long Time No See
5 One More Night
6 Take A Look Around

Side 2
7 Hypocrite
8 Up To You
9 Caroline Kills
10 You In My Heart
11 I Wanna Rock You
12 Daily Dose

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