Uncut Magazine Take 250 (March 2018)

Uncut Magazine 250 (March 2018)

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My Bloody Valentine, Joan Baez, Roxy Music and the heroes of outlaw country are all featured in the new March 2018 issue of Uncut Kevin Shields and his bandmates are on the cover, and inside they talk to Michael Bonner about Loveless, hypnagogic states and chinchillas "It was like the Partridge Family on acid!" says Bilinda Butcher Alongside this is our stellar free CD, Sonic Truth, a celebration of all things noisy and extreme, featuring tracks from My Bloody Valentine, Yoko Ono, Neu!, The Fall, King Crimson, Jonny Greenwood, Sunn O))) and more! Plus an expansive list of our Top 50 Noise Albums, Stick In The Wheel and Lankum, Waylon n Willie, Jethro Tull, Deer Tick, Gary Numan, and much more!