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Uncut Magazine 315 (August 2023) Bruce Springsteen

Uncut Magazine 315 (August 2023) Bruce Springsteen

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Uncut Magazine 315 (August 2023) Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath, PJ Harvey, Dexys, Fleet Foxes, Siouxsie Sioux, The War On Drugs, Jim O’Rourke and more all feature in the new Uncut, dated August 2023 and in UK shops from June 8 or available to buy online now. The issue comes with two collectable, high-quality Springsteen art prints and a free, 15-track CD of the month’s best new music including tracks from Julie Byrne, Deer Tick, This Is The Kit, Cory Hanson, Tony Allen, ANOHNI and more.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: After a six-year hiatus, Springsteen and the E Street Band are finally back on tour. Unbowed by Covid, ticket pricing controversies and, it seems, even the passing of time, they are playing shows that are among the most intense of their storied career. Uncut joins them in the American Midwest to marvel at the remarkable durability of the E Street Band and their indefatigable frontman. “Every show is unique,” we learn. “It’s prove it all night and prove it every night.” Plus! Back to 1973: a pivotal year for the Boss…

BLACK SABBATH: In his new memoir, Into The Void, Geezer Butler examines how a grammar-school boy and former trainee accountant became the bassist and lyricist for an all-time great heavy rock band like Black Sabbath. Uncut joins him to hear tales of mohairs and football violence, police interrogations and the Rick Rubin method. “I really believed in Satan,” he reveals. “Suddenly bad things started happening…”

FLEET FOXES: The summer solstice beckons, and with a lyric book imminent, what better time for ROBIN PECKNOLD to recall the stories behind some of FLEET FOXES best-loved songs? “Things felt like very high stakes for a very long time…”

DEXYS: After a seven-year absence, Kevin Rowland is back with a new DEXYS album, The Feminine Divine. Over vegetarian sausages, chips and beans in his local café, the original Celtic Soul Brother goes deep on the trauma and triumph behind this latest, striking chapter in his ongoing spiritual saga. “It’s so easy to be restricted by people’s perceptions of you…”

FRED NEIL: An expert fingerpicker and Brill Building dropout who mentored Bob Dylan and David Crosby and wrote a global hit – before giving it all up to save the dolphins. We explores the enigmatic life and times of a Greenwich Village legend. “He didn’t know how to cope with the shit of the world.”

JIM ROURKE & EIKO ISHIBASHI: The two sonic upstarts on how yakitori bars in Shinjuku, UK crime dramas and Genesis have helped steer their unique takes on experimental music in bold new directions. Stand by for octopus salad and meloncello.

AN AUDIENCE WITH… ADAM GRANDUCIEL: The War On Drugs kingpin talks new material, hair waivers, ruptured discs and shooting the breeze with Mick and Bruce.

THE MAKING OF “THE WORLD IS A GHETTO” BY WAR: “Our choice of weapon was our instruments, shooting out rhythm, melody and harmony,” says Leroy “Lonnie” Jordan, the band’s singer and keyboardist. “We were called War, but we were all about keeping the peace.”

ALBUM BY ALBUM WITH ANOHNI: From her debut on Antony & The Johnsons to her latest, My Back Was A Bridge For You to cross: works of beauty and emotion. “I’d been writing songs since I was 10…”

MY LIFE IN MUSIC WITH RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: The singer and composer reveals the records underpinning his folkocracy: “I wanted to tap into that purity of sound…”

REVIEWED PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell, Grian Chatten, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Clientele, Lyr, Julie Byrne, This Is The Kit, Sam Burton, Codeine, Charlie Watts, Gal Costa, Mike Cooper, Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Syd Barrett and more

PLUS Tina Turner, Giodon Lightfoot and Andy Rourke RIP, Siouxsie Sioux’s 20 greatest songs, Blur return, Steely Dan> – the comic book, Gruff Rhys revisits his pre-SFA band Ffa Coffi Pawb and introducing the Tropicalia-folk of Nico Paulo

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