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Swansea Sound - Live At The Rum Puncheon (LP)

Swansea Sound - Live At The Rum Puncheon (LP)

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New in resealable poly-sleeve. HHBTM pressing.

Swansea Sound is the new collaboration between The Pooh Sticks frontman Hue Williams and Heavenly's Amelia Fletcher. Debut album Live At The Rum Puncheon features a dozen indie pop bangers and finds Williams at his sardonic, satirical best. Features a dozen noisy punk songs, including the critically acclaimed singles "Indies Of The World" and "Corporate Indie Band."

Side One
1 Rock N Roll Void
2 I Sold My Soul On Ebay
3 It's OK When You're Around
4 The Pooh Sticks
5 Let It Happen
6 Je Ne Sais Quoi

Side Two
1 Pasadena
2 Indies Of The World
3 Corporate Indie Band
4 Freedom Of Speech
5 Angry Girl
6 Swansea Sound

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