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Sight and Sound Volume 32 Issue 8 (October 2022)

Sight and Sound Volume 32 Issue 8 (October 2022)

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Sight & Sound Volume 32 Issue 8 (October 2022) David Bowie

“There are countless books about Bowie; there’s nothing else I can offer in terms of biography – but there is something intangible that can happen in a cinema, and that’s what I’m interested in exploring.” Brett Morgan, quoted here from his cover interview with Jonathan Romney, stretches to breaking point the boundaries of the music documentary with his kaleidoscopic Bowie portrait Moonage Daydream. In celebration of the shape-shifting star, we gain insight from Dylan Thomas on Bowie’s comic potential, hear from Jeremy Thomas about Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence and look into the story behind Derek Jarman’s abortive Bowie-starring project Neutron.

Elsewhere in a packed issue: Andrew Dominik peels back the layers of unreality behind his Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me editor Mary Sweeney looks back on the critically reclaimed Lynch film; George Miller and Tilda Swinton on the dizzying Three Thousand Years of Longing; and David Cronenberg and Crimes of the Future examined by Iain Sinclair.

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