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Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Town That Cursed Your Name (LP)

Reds, Pinks & Purples - The Town That Cursed Your Name (LP)

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Sealed. Limited blue colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download.

Dedicated "to everyone who ever tried to start a band in the Bay," The Reds, Pinks & Purples' The Town That Cursed Your Name is at once achingly local and heartrendingly universal. Over the last few years, The RPPs' Glenn Donaldson has attracted a lot of attention with his gorgeous, lyrical pop and for good reason; his almost-paradoxical combination of productivity and peerless quality has delivered 6 albums and countless singles in just 3 years, and that's only what has actually been released! The Town That Cursed Your Name gathers together twelve perfectly-constructed pop gems, some previously unheard and some released for just a few days and then withdrawn, but all adhering to the absurdly high standards of song-craft that Donaldson hews to. Echoes of everything from The Go-Betweens to Felt to Magnetic Fields echo through his songs, informed by an extreme dedication to detail and no small amount of outright fandom.

Side One
1 Too Late For An Early Grave
2 Leave It All Behind
3 Life In The Void
4 Here Comes The Lunar Hand
5 Burning Sunflowers
6 Waiting On A Ghost To Haunt You

Side Two
1 What Is A Friend?
2 Mistakes (Too Many To Name)
3 Almost Changed
4 The Town That Cursed Your Name
5 I Still Owe You Everything
6 Break Up The Band

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