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Oh-OK - The Complete Reissue (LP)

Oh-OK - The Complete Reissue (LP)

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New. Black vinyl.

Oh-Ok are a minimalist post punk proto-twee band from the early 80's that were based in Athens, Georgia, made up of Linda Hopper (Magnapop), Matthew Sweet, Lynda Stipe (Flash to Bang Time, also Michael Stipe's sister), David McNair (Magnapop), and David Pierce. This full length LP collects their 7" and 12" EP, two un-released tracks, and a partial live show. This reissue is on white vinyl.

Side One
Wow Mini Album EP
A1 Lilting
A2 Brother
Written-By – Carol Levy
A3 Playtime
A4 Person
A5 Is It?
A6 Here We Go
A7 Jumping (written by Michael Stipe, Oh-OK)
A8 Down By The Beach
A9 Shock (Sic Transit)
Side Two
Furthermore What EP
B1 Such N Such
B2 Guru
B3 Choukoutien
B4 Straight (written by Linda Hopper)
B5 Giddy Up (written by Linda Hopper)
B6 Elaine's Song
Japanski Recordings
B7 Courage Courage
B8 Random

A1 to A4 were originally released as Wow Mini Album (DB Records, 1982)
B1 to B6 were originally released as Furthermore What (DB Records, 1983)
A6 to A9 were recorded live at the Peppermint Lounge, NYC, 1984; recordings known as the 'Pat Thomas Archives'. (The sleeve says that A5 is from the same show, but it was recorded live at The 688 Club, Atlanta, 1983 by Danny Beard.)
A1 to B6 were previously compiled on CD as The Complete Recordings with additional live recordings from the above shows.
The 'Japanski Recordings', B7 and B8, are 2011 studio recordings.

Oh-OK - Lynda Stipe and Linda Hopper
w/Bryan Cook, David Pierce, David McNair, John Poe and Matthew Sweet
Japanski Recordings - Kevin Sims, Ritchie Williams, Matt Tamisin, Charles Greenleaf

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