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Mojo Magazine Issue 346 (September 2022)

Mojo Magazine Issue 346 (September 2022)

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Mojo Magazine Issue 346 (September 2022) Bruce Springsteen

Note: Mojo no longer includes CDs on their non-subscription/export copies ("CD not available on newsstand copies outside of the UK"). If you need the CD, you should be able to find one on eBay.

BY POPULAR DEMAND! As Bruce Springsteen hits the stage once more, MOJO takes an epic road trip through his 50 Greatest Songs – romantic showstoppers, conflicted narrators, chart hits, connoisseur cuts and more. Plus: Nebraska at 40 – celebrating the Boss’s strangest album. Danny Thompson on low-end high times with Nick Drake and John Martyn. Inside Blondie’s amazing archive. Elvis Presley at his best. Dexys relive the triumph and trauma of Too-Rye-Ay. Also: Joan Jett, Tom Paxton, Burning Spear, Iggy Pop, Dr John, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Procol Harum, Cass McCombs, Wattstax, Augie Meyers, Amanda Shires, Steve Albini, Galaxie 500 and all back to Bret’s from Flight Of The Conchords!

COVER STORY: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN His 50 Greatest Songs. Entrapment and escape, love and betrayal, murder and mayhem, cars and girls: all human life encapsulated by a force of nature and his Swiss Army band. Plus: Springsteen Alone – Nebraska at 40 by David Fricke.

DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS It’s 40 years since Too-Rye-Ay, the Celtic soul-pop milestone that was a double-edged sword for mainman Kevin Rowland. But have the wounds finally healed?

ELVIS PRESLEY As Panto Presley hits the screens, the King comes to life in the jaw-dropping photographs of Alfred Wertheimer. MOJO gets first dibs from a new book.

DANNY THOMPSON Punch-ups with John Martyn. Pub sessions with Nick Drake. On the bus with Roy Orbison. Sixty-odd years of low-end high jinks with the British bass master.

BURNING SPEAR Last standing of the roots originals, reggae’s wise one grants a rare audience. “I don’t deal with colourism, nationality, or religion,” he reminds David Katz.

JOAN JETT The Runaways derailed at their peak, but their ever-stubborn guitarist has forged on – to the delight of Riot Grrrls, Nirvana and The Goddess Of Rock.

DANGER MOUSE & BLACK THOUGHT The über-producer with feet in the Black Keys and Kiwanuka camps gets down with the Roots’ revered rapper. Voilà! Hip hop like mutha used to make.

PROCOL HARUM How Guy Stevens, J.S. Bach and a drug dealer’s cat paved the way for A Whiter Shade Of Pale. And how angst over attributions drove them apart.

REVIEWED Cass McCombs / Blondie / Elvis Costello / Little Feat / Jamie T / Ben Harper / Julia Jacklin / Lou Reed / Muse / Tim Finn & Phil Manzanera / George Scott / Loudon Wainwright III / Hot Chip / Rich Ruth / Osees / She & Him / Chris Forsyth / Porcupine Tree / Josh Rouse / Earl McGrath’s horde / and much more!

PLUS Iggy Pop Unseen! / Dr John’s last album / Tom Paxton reveals himself / Amanda Shires and Thee Sacred Souls are Rising / Augie Meyers’s mighty organ / Wattstax / The Pistols and Grundy / Farewell Julee Cruise / Galaxie 500 / How To Buy Steve Albini / And All Back To... Bret’s from Flight Of The Conchords!

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