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Mojo Magazine Issue 313 (December 2019)

Mojo Magazine Issue 313 (December 2019)

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MOJO 313 features Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Debbie Harry, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, a guitar wig-outs CD and more!

Enjoy an exclusive Neil Young interview - with the lowdown on his new Colorado album and more - heads up a vibrant issue, with its own CD soundtrack of epic guitar jams (including Dinosaur Jr, Kurt Vile, Big Thief and Ty Segall) attached. Read how Neil's fighting the power and back on the weed, with Crazy Horse back in harness. Also: Nick Cave's incredible new album; Mark Lanegan's hair-raising tales; Debbie Harry's complicated history; the Rolling Stones' watershed 1969; The Clash, unseen! Plus: R.E.M. defend Monster; The Kinks revive Arthur; Laurie Anderson writes about Lou Reed's lyrics. And: Betty Wright; Cate Le Bon; Prince's memoir; Duran Duran's prehistory; a farewell to Ric Ocasek; the birth of Madness and more!

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