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Merrell Fankhauser - Goin' Round In My Mind: Merrell Fankhauser Anthology 1964-1979 (CD)

Merrell Fankhauser - Goin' Round In My Mind: Merrell Fankhauser Anthology 1964-1979 (CD)

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Sealed. Six CD box set.

Career anthology of Los Angeles-based musician Merrell Fankhauser described by one pundit as "the cult artist's cult artist". Includes his work as a solo performer and fronting such collectable garage rock/ psychedelic acts as The Exiles, Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and Mu. An integral player on the Southern California music scene, the young Merrell Fankhauser's budding career took off in 1964 after his family relocated to the Antelope Valley area of the Western Mojave Desert. With the likes of Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart also active in the area, Frankhauser hooked up with 14-year-old guitarist Jeff Cotton to form Merrell And The Exiles, a teen pop outfit who had a couple of local hits. In 1967 Merrell put together Fapardokly, whose limited edition LP is now one of the rarest US psychedelic albums. Fapardokly mutated into HMS Bounty, signed by UNI Records president Russ Regan. An HMS Bounty album was headed by 'Things (Goin' Round In My Mind)', an insidious slice of bubblegum that fell just short of becoming a hit single. HMS Bounty then gave way to Mu, a partial reformation of The Exiles that reunited Merrell with Jeff Cotton, who meanwhile had been a key member of Captain Beefheart's band during the 'Trout Mask Replica' days. After an acclaimed 1971 album, Mu moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui before breaking up. Merrell stayed on the island, living in a self-built jungle cabin and recording 'The Maui Album' before returning to the mainland. A 6CD that includes the various 1964-1979 albums and singles in their entirety as well as numerous out-takes from the same time-frame, 'Goin' Round In My Mind' - newly- remastered, and featuring a new 5000 word essay - is a fitting tribute to the prodigious career of a legendary cult talent.

Disc 1
1 Please Be Mine
2 Don't Call on Me
3 Send Me Your Love
4 Shake My Hand
5 Long, Long Time
6 Don't Let Go
7 Remember Me
8 Pain in My Heart
9 Let the Time Go By
10 Let Me Go
11 Can't We Get Along
12 She's Gone
13 Run Baby Run
14 Make It Back to Memphis
15 Love Only You
16 You've Been Untrue
17 Boys
18 Rave on
19 That's All I Want from You

Disc 2
1 Lila
2 The Music Scene
3 Sorry for Yourself
4 Glass Chandelier
5 Tomorrow's Girl
6 Suzie Cryin' (Aka I Saw Suzie Crying)
7 Mr. Clock
8 Gone to Pot
9 No Retreat
10 Too Many Heartbreaks
11 When I Get Home
12 Supermarket
13 The War
14 Yes I Love You
15 Be a Good Neighbor Week

Disc 3
1 Things (Goin' Round in My Mind)
2 Girl (I'm Waiting for You)
3 What Does She See in You
4 Lost in the City
5 Your Painted Lives
6 Drivin' Sideways (On a One Way Street)
7 In a Minute Not Too Soon
8 A Visit with Ashiya
9 The Big Gray Sky
10 Rich Man's Fable
11 Ice Cube Island
12 Madame Silky
13 I'm Flying Home (B-Side)
14 Tampa Run (B-Side)
15 Ev'rybody's Talkin' (A-Side)

Disc 4
1 Ain't No Blues
2 Ballad of Brother Lew
3 Blue Form
4 Interlude
5 Nobody Wants to Shine
6 Eternal Thirst
7 Too Naked for Demetrius
8 Mumbella Baye Tu la
9 The Clouds Went That Way
10 Bonus Tracks
11 You've Been Here Before (B-Side)
12 One More Day (A-Side)
13 On Our Way to Hana (A-Side)

Disc 5
1 The Land of Mu
2 Make a Joyful Noise
3 Haleakala
4 Blue Jay Blue
5 Showering Rain
6 I Saw Your Photograph
7 It's Love That Sings the Song
8 You and I
9 Calling from a Star
10 Waiting for the Sun
11 Children of the Rainbow
12 Who Will Write This Song
13 Daybreak Sunshine
14 Drink from the Fountain
15 The Love We Bare
16 In Mu
17 You're Not the Only One
18 End of An Era
19 Earth News Interview
20 The Awakening

Disc 6
1 Lovely Lady
2 I Saw Your Photograph
3 We Were All Free
4 On Our Way to Hana
5 Make a Joyful Noise
6 Garden in the Rain
7 Waterfall
8 La la Does the Boo Ru
9 Sail It Over the Ocean
10 Love Is All There Is
11 The Source
12 Some of Them Escaped
13 The Wind Cries Maui
14 Peace in the World
15 Matthew's Dream
16 Dharmic Connection
17 Calling from a Star

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