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Meat Puppets - Camp Songs (LP)

Meat Puppets - Camp Songs (LP)

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Previously unreleased live album from the alternative rockers recorded between 1991 and 1995.

NOTE: The rear cover of the LP jacket erroneously lists "Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Performing Arts Center - Gainsville, FL, Mar. 2, 1994)" as being between tracks A5 and B1 -- that song was cut from this live album and accidentally left in the jacket's printed tracklisting. It does not appear on either the A-side or B-side labels or in the musical content. It has instead been released as a free download via Bandcamp. In its place on this LP is the song "Blinded By Turds", whose source concert is not listed. Also, the songs "Ojo" and "The Adventures Of Pee Pee The Sailor" both appear in track B6, listed on the side B label as "Ojo/Pee Pee The Sailor".

Side One
1 Walking Boss
2 Amazing Grace
3 I Saw the Light
4 El Paso City
5 White Sport Coat

Side Two
6 Blinded By Turds
7 The Wayward Wind
8 Big Iron
9 Tennessee Stud
10 Crawdad Song
11 Ojo / Pee Pee the Sailor

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