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Long Ryders - Native Sons (CD)

Long Ryders - Native Sons (CD)

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Sealed. 3-CD box set.

Expanded edition of The Long Ryders' debut album from 1984. Featuring demos and live recordings from the era. Released in October 1984 'Native Sons' was the debut album by American band the Long Ryders. Musically, the album fuses 1960s style garage rock and folk rock with country rock. Rolling Stone's David Fricke described 'Native Sons' as an album"where Nashville, '77 London and the mid-60s Sunset Strip converge in songs of pioneer aspiration and outlaw bonding." This new 3CD edition compiled in conjunction with founding member Sid Griffin contains the original album alongside a raft of demos and a live recording from 1985. Described at the time by Melody Maker as a "Modern American Classic" this version brings together all the tracks that defined the start of Alt Country with a new package containing sleeve notes by Anthony DeCurtis and design by Phil Smee.

Disc 1
1 Native Sons
2 Final Wild Son
3 Still Get By
4 Ivory Tower
5 Run Dusty Run
6 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
7 Fair Game
8 Tell It to the Judge on Sunday
9 Wreck of the 809
10 Too Close to the Light
11 Never Got to Meet the Mom
12 I Had a Dream
13 Join My Gang
14 You Don't Know What's Right, You Don't Know What's Wrong
15 10-5-60
16 Born to Believe in You
17 And She Rides
18 Too Close to the Light (Buckskin Mix) - Native Sons- Era B-Side
19 The Trip
20 Time Keeps Traveling
21 I Can't Hide
22 As God Is My Witness
23 Masters of War

Disc 2
1 10-5-60 - Radio Tokyo Demos
2 And She Rides - Radio Tokyo Demos
3 Still Get By - Radio Tokyo Demos
4 Final Wild Son
5 Run Dusty Run
6 Ivory Tower
7 Tell It to the Judge on Sunday
8 Wreck of the 809
9 I'll Get Out Somehow
10 Sweet Mental Revenge
11 Never Got to Meet the Mom
12 Too Close to the Light
13 Still Get By
14 I Had a Dream
15 The Trip
16 Time Keeps Traveling
17 Masters of War
18 If I Were a Carpenter
19 Fair Game

Disc 3
1 Join My Gang
2 I Can't Hide
3 Ivory Tower
4 I Had a Dream
5 Masters of War
6 Final Wild Son
7 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
8 Run Dusty Run
9 Mason-Dixon Line
10 Southside of the Story
11 Wreck of the 809
12 State of My Union
13 Still Get By
14 Tell It to the Judge on Sunday

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