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Goundhogs - Thank Christ For The Bomb (LP)

Goundhogs - Thank Christ For The Bomb (LP)

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Sealed. Gatefold sleeve.

A hugely influential album cited as the embryo for punk, grunge and beyond. Featuring epic 1970 concepts from this far-reaching trio much praised by Underworld’s Karl Hyde, Captain Sensible, Stephen Malkmus and a host of others. Thank Christ For The Bomb is a visionary tale of cold war fear, alienation and everyday drama. A thinking man’s rumination on alienation, the album is a game of two halves; side one tackling the thermonuclear threat while side two traces riches to rags alienation in everyday London. Also featuring Radio 1 sessions and live versions of key tracks including a lengthy take of Soldier recorded for the BBC’s In Concert series. First of a trio of ground-breaking albums that steered the band from the Blues into a heavier, more prog-based sound and a true reflection of their much-praised live sound.

Side One
1 Strange Town
2 Darkness Is No Friend
3 Soldier
4 Thank Christ For The Bomb

Side Two
5 Ship On The Ocean
6 Garden
7 Status People
8 Rich Man, Poor Man
9 Eccentric Man

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