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Fistful of Metal (Issue 12) Voivod

Fistful of Metal (Issue 12) Voivod

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Fistful of Metal (Issue 12) Voivod

Voivod: "I've Dedicated My Life To This!" - Celebrating 40 Years Of Intergalactic Thrash Exploration With 'Morgoth Tales', We Bring You The Full Story Of Voivod.

Plus: Meshuggah, Phil Campbell. U.D.O., Kiss, Motorhead, Valera, Biohazard, Kvelertak, Sleep, Church Of Misery, Power Trip, Cirith Ungol, Bloodbound, Eternity, Hirax, Urne, Evile, Spirit Adrift, Hellfestl, Virgin Steele, The Dust Coda, Bio-Cancer, Desertfest, Mutoid Man, Cannibal Corpse, Tailgunner, Mammoth Wvh, Blood Money & Loads More!

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