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Crabby Appleton - Go Back: The Crabby Appleton Anthology (CD)

Crabby Appleton - Go Back: The Crabby Appleton Anthology (CD)

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Sealed. Two CD set.

First-ever complete anthology of highly regarded early 70s American proto-power pop band Crabby Appleton. After the demise of Curt Boettcher's late 60s project The Millennium, gifted singer and songwriter Michael Fennelly joined forces with LA club band Stonehenge to form Crabby Appleton. Signed to Elektra, they made their debut with the glorious 'Go Back', a hit single that married a mid-60s pop sensibility with early 70s studio advances to stand as a proto-power pop classic. A slightly different mix of the track featured on their self-titled debut album, which attracted rave reviews from the underground press and sold reasonably well. But the band were unable to follow 'Go Back' with another hit single, and after second album 'Rotten To The Core!' made little impact, they disintegrated. The first-ever complete compilation of the band's work, 'Go Back: The Crabby Appleton Anthology' includes both albums and a raft of singles (including rare mono mixes and non- LP tracks) as well as two miniature tracks that were only included on the first album's 8- track release and are therefore making their first digital appearance. Featuring a new 5000 word essay on the band, and housed in a stylish digipak, 'Go Back' is the definite document of a fine group that deserve to be remembered as far more than one-hit wonders.

Disc 1
1 Go Back
2 The Other Side
3 Catherine
4 Peace By Peace
5 To All My Friends
6 Last Night in Your Sleep, John
7 Try
8 Can't Live My Life
9 Some Madness
10 Hunger for Love
11 How Long Will It Take
12 Last Night in Your Sleep, Fred
13 Bonus Tracks
14 Go Back (Mono Single, Alternative Version)
15 Try (Mono Single, Alternative Version)
16 My Little Lucy (Mono Single, Alternative Version of Lucy)
17 Some Madness (Mono Single)
18 Grab on
19 Can't Live My Life (Mono Single, Alternative Version)

Disc 2
1 Smokin' in the Morning
2 Tomorrow's a New Day
3 It's So Hard
4 Makes No Difference
5 You Make Me Hot
6 One More Time
7 Lucy
8 Paper to Write on
9 Lookin' for Love
10 Love Can Change Everything
11 Gonna Save You (From That)
12 Bonus Tracks
13 Tomorrow's a New Day (Mono Single)
14 It's So Hard (Mono Single)

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