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Classic Rock Issue 285 (March 2021)

Classic Rock Issue 285 (March 2021)

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Brian May and Roger Taylor celebrate 50 years of Queen in Classic Rock

Also in this issue: Leslie West, Mick Fleetwood, the Dead Daisies, the Pretty Reckless, Steven Wilson and more... plus a free eBook featuring the 100 Greatest Rock Songs of all time


Brian May and Roger Taylor look back at the journey of four young musicians with “an insane confidence and a precocious belief in our own unique talents” who conquered the world.

The Pretty Reckless
From child model and actor to rock frontwoman, Taylor Momsen’s life followed an upward curve. Then suddenly tragedy struck and it became life-threatening turmoil.

The Dead Daisies
Now bolstered by the songs and shriek of new frontman Glenn Hughes they’re a supergroup to take seriously.

Mick Fleetwood
He arrived in Swinging Sixties London as an aspirant drummer – and discovered a world of blues, booze and global success with Fleetwood Mac. But even after a half-century of making incredible music, perhaps his greatest achievement is keeping the wheels on rock’s greatest soap opera.

Leslie West
Having made his name in the early 70s with Mountain, as a guitarist he was praised by many of his peers. Classic Rock remembers the late, great Leslie West.

The Dirty Nil
For years they watched other bands get the breaks while they didn’t, but their one-step-at-a-time climb has finally paid off.

Steven Wilson
Look at the world, not at your phone. Make music for the love of it, not as a career. Serial killers are fascinating. The best is yet to come. These are among the things that shape his world view.

Before Bon Scott became a star with AC/DC, he sang with these rising Aussie rockers. Following the release of a new box set from the band, his mates from those days tell their story.

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