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Cineaste Vol 49 (XLIX) No 1 (Winter 2023)

Cineaste Vol 49 (XLIX) No 1 (Winter 2023)

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Cineaste Vol 49 (XLIX) No 1 (Winter 2023)
Pasolini 101: An In-Depth Survey of the Filmmaker's Controversial Career

Articles include: Portrait of the Artist as a Stray Dog: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Films of the 1960s (by Darragh O’Donoghue); Seeing Double: Reflections on Edward G. Robinson (Preview) (by Art Simon); Autobiography as Ethnography: The Films of Jean Eustache (by Mitchell Abidor); The Titular Bishops of Hollywood Silent Pictures (by Philippe Garnier); and much more!

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