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Cineaste Vol 47 (XLVII) No 3 (Summer 2022)

Cineaste Vol 47 (XLVII) No 3 (Summer 2022)

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Cineaste Vol 47 (XLVII) No 3 (Summer 2022)
Italian Neorealism and Its Heirs in International Cinema

Articles include: Films By and For the People: A Critical Symposium on Folk Cinema; Getting Decadence Right: Dominik Graf Adapts a Weimar-Era Classic; The Wobblies Returns: Organizing Labor a Century Ago; Speer Goes to Hollywood: Documentarians Face Controversy Decades Later; Master Class: Mariama Diallo Schools Viewers in Campus Horror; Cesare Zavattini on the Birth of Neorealism: Our Never-Before-Published Interview; and much more!

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