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Velvet Crush - A Single Odessey

Velvet Crush - A Single Odessey

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For years people have been buggin' us (and our friends at Parasol) to get copies of our early singles and eps, and for years I've seen said releases sell to collectors for way more than I think they're worth. Finally, after much procrastinating, we've collected them all in one place, and now you can take a wild ride through our ten year 'career' in just over an hour, and best of all, it's very affordable.

Yup, it's all here folks, and some of it's never been available in the digital format (compact disc) before. Oh, and there's an unreleased track, a version of Elevator Operator by Gene Clark, included for good measure. And yes, we know "odessey" is spelled incorrectly, so shut up already!

Sincerely, Ric Menck

Factory sealed.

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