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The Green Pajamas - The Night Races Into Anna

The Green Pajamas - The Night Races Into Anna

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A collection of veteran Seattle psych outfit's rare & unreleased tracks 1997-2006...

A compilation along the lines of past Green Pajamas releases like 'Indian Winter' and 'Narcotic Kisses; 20 tracks that, for one reason or another, never made it onto albums or EPs released over the last decade. Most of these songs likely didn't fit the concept or 'sound' of whatever album was being created at the time, and during sequencing, were left off. The result is, ironically, a Pajamas album in what some might regard as the "classic" sense: a rather psychedelic collection of short, sweet pop songs. No theme or agenda.

Mainman Jeff Kelly came across most of these songs again while making digital back-up copies from DAT master tapes. He was struck by how good all these songs sounded collected together. Coincidentally, Eric Lichter offered up two new songs that he'd recorded with Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, REM) which fit perfectly with this collection.

There's a song Kelly wrote in in 1973 called "Looking For Heaven" and out-takes from both 'Strung Behind the Sun' and 'All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed.' There are some songs previously only available on magazine compilation CDs and a brand new song, "When Natalie Sings". There are two songs originally meant for an unfinished concept album ("Forever 13" and "The Haunted Dollhouse") based on a strange picture book, 'The Haunted Dollhouse" published in the early 1980's. There are also out-takes from 'Northern Gothic,' including the original longer version of 'The Bitter Moon,' and some favorite recordings that just never came out, and more...

So it's a collection of rarities, out-takes and previously unreleased songs that, all together, make a nice double-LP-length collection for Green Pajamas fans.
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