Uncut Ultimate Music Guide: Deep Purple

Uncut Magazine - Ultimate Music Guide: Deep Purple (2018)

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As Deep Purple geared up for their Long Goodbye Tour in early 2017, Ian Paice had a few thoughts on the band's long and storied history "The records will remain, or they won't," he told Uncut "But it's about how you affect people around you The people we've inspired to pick up a guitar, get a drum kit or a microphone That's the best legacy " Meanwhile, his bandmate Ian Gillan had this to say about the bands most enduring qualities: "The primary driving force of it all was the sheer abandoned joy of making music together And that has stayed with us " As you might have gathered by now, Deep Purple are the subject of our latest Ultimate Music Guide - a celebration of 50 years in rock, no less, with new writing on each of their albums and a series of classic archive features, many unseen since original publication There are digressions into Rainbow, an invaluable miscellany and? the Deep Purple family Venn diagram!