Various - Big Gold Dreams: Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977-1989 (CD)

Various - Big Gold Dreams: Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977-1989 (CD)

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UK five CD set. Big Gold Dreams documents the vibrant independent music scene to emerge in Scotland across the late '70s and '80s. Initially ignited by punk, labels sprang up in Glasgow, Edinburgh and elsewhere to give a voice to the explosion of new acts across the country. Named after Fire Engines' memorable single and Grant McPhee's recent TV and DVD documentary, Big Gold Dreams includes many of the Scottish music scene's most important names as well as countless obscurities. Includes landmark tracks by The Rezillos, Simple Minds, Altered Images, Skids, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, The Bluebells, The Waterboys, Cocteau Twins, Aztec Camera, The Soup Dragons, The Associates, Scars, Strawberry Switchblade, Josef K, BMX Bandits, Edwyn Collins, Del Amitri, The Vaselines, The Shamen, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and many others. Boasts lengthy essays and band histories by Grant McPhee, Neil Cooper and Tim Barr, within a lavishly illustrated 70-page booklet.

Disc 1
I Can't Stand My Baby (Sensible Version) - the Rezillos
Hooked on You - the Exile
Jerkin' - the Drive
Robot Love - the Valves
Put You in the Picture - P.V.C. 2
Dead Vandals - Johnny & the Self Abusers
You Gotta Know Girl - Bee Bee Cee
Gimme Your Heart - Subs
Reasons - Skids
Dancing with Myself - Fingerprintz
Take Me Down - the Zips
All the Boys Love Carrie - Another Pretty Face
Electric Heat - Visitors
See Saw - the Jolt
Chelsea Girl - Simple Minds
Culture Shock - Shake
The Shape of Things to Come - the Headboys
Time Wall - Fire Exit
Paranoia - the Freeze
Sylvia Clarke - the Fakes
She's Too Clever for Me - Tpi
Singing in the Showers - Fun 4
Confessions - Flowers
Playing with Fire - TV21
Stay with Me Tonight - Alex Fergusson

Disc 2
Dead Pop Stars - Altered Images
Die Todten Reyten Schnell - the Prats
Tous Les Soirs - Delmontes
Walk on Water - the Cuban Heels
More Than This - 35MM Dreams
Out in the Open - the President's Men
All About You - Scars
Tell Me Easters on Friday - the Associates
Sorry for Laughing - Josef K
Event to Come - Article 58
Love to Meet You - Restricted Code
Don't - Thomas Leer
Big Gold Dream - Fire Engines
On Our Honeymoon - the Wake
Ooh Bop Sh'bam - Boots for Dancing
Puritans - the Happy Family
Tightrope - Everest the Hard Way
Palace Filled with Love - Apb
Running Away - Paul Haig
Pick Up the Rhythm - French Impressionists
Eat Your Heart Out - Hey! Elastica
Participate! - the Laughing Apple

Disc 3
Feathers Oar-Blades - Cocteau Twins
Out of Nowhere - the Twinsets
Cath - the Bluebells
A Girl Called Johnny - the Waterboys
Lucky Star (Moonboot Version) - Friends Again
Trees and Flowers (92 Happy Customers Version) - Strawberry Switchblade
Sixteen Reasons - Jazzateers
Stop the Rain - the Suede Crocodiles
Flowers in the Sky - the Revolving Paint Dream
Think! - Jasmine Minks
There Must Be a Better Life - Biff Bang Pow!
All I Need Is Everything - Aztec Camera
Over Your Shoulder - Pop Wallpaper
Dreaming - the Wee Cherubs
Cathedral - Fini Tribe
Upside Down - the Jesus and Mary Chain
Baby Honey - the Pastels
You Supply the Roses - Memphis
Ain't That Always the Way - Paul Quinn
Unamerican Broadcasting - Win
Swallow - Blood Uncles

Disc 4
All Fall Down - Primal Scream
Don't Slip Up - Meat Whiplash
Hammering Heart (Single Version) - Del Amitri
Some Indulgence - the High Bees
Big Blue Ocean - Jih
Hotel Marquis de Sade - Momus
Living in Hell - the Primevals
Baby's Got a Brand New Brain - the Styng Rites
Bully Beef - the Botany 500
Whole Wide World - the Soup Dragons
Strawberry Sunday - BMX Bandits
Firestation Towers - Close Lobsters
Face in a Crowd - the Green Telescope
The Rattler (Original 12" Version) - Goodbye Mr. MacKenzie
Penniless - the Wild Indians
Somewhere in China (LP Version) - Shop Assistants
Hollow Gut - Lowlife
Slow Time and Temptation - Kevin McDermott
Where Do I Stand? - the Incredible Blondes
Sign on the Line... - the Fizzbombs
Killer Bee Honey - the Beat Poets
Don't Shilly Shally - Edwyn Collins
I'm Not An American - the Dragsters
Room at the Top - the Motorcycle Boy
Hey Girl (Look What You've Done) - the Thanes

Disc 5
Happy Days - the Shamen
Mealy Mouths - MacKenzies
She Said to the Driver - the McCluskey Brothers
Jiffy Neckwear Creation - Baby Lemonade
Girl of Your Dreams - the Bachelor Pad
Jenny Nowhere - the Clouds
Marathon Man - Rote Kapelle
The Adam Faith Experience - Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes
Teenage Superstars - the Vaselines
Tiny Words - the Orchids
A Place Is So Hard to Find - the Groovy Little Numbers
Good Thing - the Vultures
The Great Divide - This Poison!
Head Start - the Prayers
Take Me Away - the Submarines
Think Like a Girl - the Church Grims
If You Love Him, Let Him Go - Wilderness Children
Traffic Drone - the Cateran
Hills O' New Galloway - Nyah Fearties
Miss O'Grady - Dog Faced Hermans
Groin Death - Stretchheads
The Beginning of Wisdom - Cindytalk