Finchley Boys - Everlasting Tributes

Finchley Boys - Everlasting Tributes

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Parasol Label Group's Reaction Recordings offers a long-overdue deluxe DCD and digital reissue of The Finchley Boys' 1972 album, 'Everlasting Tributes'.

Although the original album has been bootlegged many times over the decades these pirated releases usually delivered poor sound quality. This, the first official, definitive, band-authorized CD/digital release for the Finchley's material was carefully restored from the original master tapes. Considerable time was then spent remastering the tracks to bring them up to modern day standards.

Deluxe DCD package features a second disc of bonus tracks, entitled 'Neverending Tributes', which includes a recently rediscovered trove of recordings from 1968-1969. 24-page booklet features liner notes by Ugly Things Zine scribe Scott D. Wilkerson as well as a slew of rare/unseen photos.

Factory sealed DCD in 6-panel Ecowallet with a thick booklet.